Category: Experience

  • Yoga Routine to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

    Yoga has been the most effective solution for me in relieving the menstrual cramps and I want to share with you these easy poses.

  • Bald is Beautiful

    I got my head shaved. Here are a few questions that I am commonly asked about my new look and what I think of them.

  • Goodness is always trendy

    Bhalayi ka zamaana ab nahi raha who has not listened to or felt this at least once in their life? Not at least in our country. However, who does not hope to meet good and generous people? Not the ones acting for publicity or to make news and stories. Genuine, willing, good-hearted people being kind knowing that their act may not get featured anywhere?

  • When I was getting shot!

    On a regular day, while running in a park, a dog came and bit me, out of the blue. I thought, I was not going to die.

  • Forgotten forces

    So, need to learn to be patient? Want to hone your skills at convincing a stubborn mind? Want to excel at creative conversations? Need a different perspective of the world around us or on life? Or simply need to smile for no reason at all? Go spend some time with the oldies or the kiddos! They have so much to learn from!

  • My Midnight Travel Not So Scary

    A whole new experience for me. To walk the road without any random stares or fearing any nasty comments from the least possibilities. That too at night!

  • Visiting Thailand: the offbeat way!

    The Thai-triangle (Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya) is infamous for the various shows and the night-life. Those are the experiences one would want to have at least once in their lifetime. I had an experience of all things mixed, moderately. Just how I like it!

  • Dua mein yaad rakhunga!

    The condition of the engine was not as decorated and well-maintained as the body of this autorickshaw. It started with a jerk and then the turns were mini roller-coaster rides.

  • Bang! That was my phone …

    I heard a loud metal clunking sound but it was too late! That was my phone. I saw my phone being thrown out of the train!

  • Facing the hunger!

    After battling the flood-like situation in Mumbai me and roommate experienced another unplanned quest. Like every day, we were lazing around in our room and discussing how each of us struggled to reach home the previous day battling the rain and the traffic.