Goodness is always trendy

Bhalayi ka zamaana ab nahi raha who has not listened to or felt this at least once in their life? Not at least in our country. However, who does not hope to meet good and generous people? Not the ones acting for publicity or to make news and stories. Genuine, willing, good-hearted people being kind knowing that their act may not get featured anywhere?

Fortunately, I meet such godly spirited personalities quite often but some of them leave a beautiful imprint on the memory. Such was a chaiwala that I met today. Chaiwala? Stirs so many political chords? Naah, remarkable goodness rarely comes is such high-profile packaging. Am I dramatising? Of course, yes! 

I am talking about a staff member of a tiny cafe who served tea to me today. “Outside food not allowed” Who has not read such boards and instructions with warning signs in popular restaurants? Such paatis are very common in Pune. 

This city also has people like me who carry their food with them, especially when they are appearing for an important exam and it is their test day. I also had the audacity to enter a decent cafe and ask the person at the counter, who is ready to welcome the customer and take the order, if I could eat food from my tiffin while sitting in the cafe? As a compensation, I also told him that I will order for a cup of tea. 

Judgemental as I could be, I was ready to hear a negative response and walk out of the door. But surprisingly, this generous person said, “aap chai nahi order karoge tab bhi baithke daabe se khana kha sakte ho, madam

And, I could see a halo around his head! Well, I was hungry. I was allowed to hallucinate! Anyway, I did place an order for the tea and some more food. Not just for the sake of it, I was really hungry. But it was this small gesture of a humble man that made my day. Not because he allowed me to eat outside food on his premises but because he did not make it look like a favour. He served water, plates and cutlery just like he did to the other customers. That for me is goodness. No show-off! Just a kind deed without belittling the other person.

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