My Midnight Travel Not So Scary

Safety score: 90% | Location: London, UK

Yes, it is safe to walk on the road at midnight! 

I was returning home after an event. Being an Indian girl, it was natural for me to feel scared. But I kept telling myself not to worry and kept looking around at people out here. I started my journey from a station, almost the centre of the city, and as the train passed from one station to another the number of people aboard kept reducing. 

I was frightened when I realised that there were three boys in my compartment and I was the only woman. Firstly, all the news I had seen lately flashed across my mind and I started recalling all the self-defense moves I could think from anywhere possible. But, within seconds, I realised that each one of them was wearing earphones and had his head busy in his smartphone. I sighed and took a breath of  fresh air from the sudden gift of freedom.

Soon, the train reached my destination and stepping out was another scary thing for me to do. The compartment with the three busy boys had become my comfort zone, afterall! My first step on the platform reminded me of a scene from a horror movie. I was scared, again! I hugged myself and kept walking toward the exit. I somehow managed to make it till the main road and it was all quiet. Just a few speeding vehicles passing by, as the roads were nearly empty during the night.

On my way home, I saw two boys. There I go! My breathing increased and I could feel a drop of sweat near my left ear, in the chilling winter of January! The crime scenes flashing through my eyes were not helping me in any way and I had goosebumps all over my body. 

Somehow, I kept walking. More alert than I knew I could be. As I reached closer to them, I noticed that they were busy with something. Could be either some drug or they were enjoying each other’s company to notice a person passing by. I, still alert, kept dragging my feet calmly yet in longer steps. 

Finally! I was on the side of the road close to my home and I could see my husband’s shadow. He was sitting by the table near the window, probably sending me a message to ask about my whereabouts. I felt good! This sense of security and freedom was so new to me. I still couldn’t believe that I had walked alone on the streets at midnight, especially at midnight! Of course, it was not the safest thing to do. There were still some chances of theft or any hate crimes happening, as was the wave going on in the city lately. But, at that moment, I felt relieved.

A whole new experience for me. To walk the road without any random stares or fearing any nasty comments from the least possibilities.  So, I just want to tell you all that it feels awesome to walk in the open without any random set of eyes staring at your body.

If you get a chance, spread your hands wide in the air and feel the breeze touching your cheeks. You don’t have any eyes nearly scanning your skin making you cringe and look for a corner to just hide. 

Feel the difference! Be the difference!

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