Visiting Thailand: the offbeat way!

The Thai-triangle (Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya) is infamous for the various shows and the night-life. Those are the experiences one would want to have at least once in their lifetime. I had an experience of all things mixed, moderately. Just how I like it!

Let me tell you about the group I was with. A group of varied ages and mixed genders. We were a family with no kids! Well, I am not counting our inclination toward childish behavior (especially, me!) So, yeah, all adults. It could be our travel-kiddas or just the anxiety of being in an unknown country but I felt an instant connection with the (not all) strangers in my group the moment I saw them at the airport. I call us ‘the explorers with major mood swings’. Which made us visit the beaches at our own pace and visit the markets based on the voting within the group.

We had a rough list of things-to-do-in-Bangkok and things-to-do-in-Phuket but the lists went for a toss and the schedule was nowhere in the sight during the next week! But, I must tell you, if you really want to explore yourself, go ahead and push your boundaries! You’d be amazed at your own adaptability.

Our day in Bangkok started off with a visit to the Lumpini Park and there couldn’t be a better start for me! The sheer amount of activities people perform is mesmerizing. From kids to elderlies, everybody has some or the other thing to join and enjoy their morning! The open gym did add hotness to the already hot weather! The place is photographers’ delight.

The fruit markets are the best things for someone who doesn’t want to spend their mornings with hangovers. That’s me! You can never get over with the generosity and humility of the vendors there. These are the places to experience the real humane side of any country. And, Thailand scores much high on this.

In Phuket, you can find many places to witness beautiful sunrises and sunsets, from shrines, beaches to hilltops. Get done with your clicking sessions and do witness the beautiful, live paintings-in-process with your eyes. I am going to have these as carvings in my mind for a long time.

Did you expect a list of places to visit, activities to do or an itinerary? No, I am not giving you that! You can find it easily on Google. I want to talk about the less talked-about things.

So, I wonder where the young men from these cities are? I could hardly see them. Most of the businesses were run around by either women or elderly. Which also gave me a sense of security to roam around on the streets during any time. Prejudice you may call it. (Shrug. Eyes rolled.)

I found it cute when people tried to understand what we were saying in normal English. Mostly, they could only get the common words and tried to provide us with whatever they could understand. Trust me, they do not give up on you easily! No wonder they manage to glue-in so many tourists to their country almost entire year.

So, when you visit this part of Asia, hone your bargaining skills but take it easy. Wander around and take in the laid-back gest as it is offered to you. You’ll have all kinds of activities to do and once you are done with your list, sit back and breathe the air that is so welcoming and full of energy.

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