Only I can kill myself

No one else can do it. I kill myself when I procrastinate that workout session. I kill myself when I let myself give in to my fears. Say, of heights or drowning or failing at a public event.

I kill a part of me when I avoid going for an outing just because I can’t wake up early on a weekend. I kill me somewhere when I can’t put that chocolate down or the burger because I can’t control my taste buds and then I allow myself to go on a guilt trip when my goal forming a lean body doesn’t seem to come true. I don’t whip myself for caving in the temptations but then there some decisions to be taken and then I need to stand by those.

I allow myself to die when I don’t learn a new skill or experience a new thing just because I didn’t push myself enough. I may take longer but I need to keep taking the baby steps. Like all of us do, I have my anxiety triggers and feel tempted to not leave my comfort zone when I am to face an uncertain situation. But isn’t that my real playground?

I am here to play the game of life. I am here to explore myself and be better than I was! I can fail, I can get scared and definitely I can feel tired on some days but I can’t give up.

I am a new person each morning and I owe just this much to myself that I need to pull myself up, look into the mirror, give that compliment and just walkout to conquer other the older me!

If this is self-obsession then be it but hey, if I can’t love myself how can I love those who love me so much?!

So, here! I decide to not kill myself!

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