I am proud of this Hindi Movie

I felt proud after watching Hindi Medium!

I am not a filmmaker neither am I a movie critic in general but I am a fan of Indian Cinema. I usually share opinions about movies only with my close ones but after watching Hindi Medium I feel this compelling urge to share it with a larger audience.

I do feel bad that I couldn’t watch this one in theatres but at least I watched it on a paid website so hopefully I have contributed in repaying the makers of this remarkable piece of art. They deserve much more recognition and appreciation than they have received for making this movie!

I am glad that the makers have managed to put this concept amazingly in the limelight. They have packed a social message in a package of light-hearted comedy while not taking away the seriousness of the topic. The story revolves around an upper-middle class couple, played by Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar, trying to get a seat for their 3 YO daughter in one of the elite schools in Delhi. The subtle yet realistic jokes around cynicism in the screenplay make it a brilliant one.

Needless to say, Irrfan is one of the finniest actors in the industry and his timing in Hindi Medium is again just perfect. Saba Qamar adds the much-required sassiness on the screen. Deepak Dobriyal stays true to his theatre finesse and makes his character relatable.

Hindi Medium has the twists and turns well-spaced and the climax is partly realistic while sending a message to the audience about the kind of change we need in the society. Education being an important pillar for any culture and nation to grow needs to be more than just a business. That’s exactly what the movie has done, educate the audience about the system and shown a solution as well.

Hindi Medium is a must watch in any movie lover’s list!

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